About Us

At Odin, we help people. To be better. To perform better. To Just Be Nice.
Australian Owned and based in Melbourne, Odin is a company passionate about bringing opportunity and support through active engagement and progressive product and service development.

In 2011, not content with simply re-branding existing apparel, we set out to develop and manufacture premium apparel to service athletes from all sporting backgrounds, regardless of age or abilities. Giving every organisation, big or small, the chance to look and feel professional.

Working over the years with hundreds of gyms, affiliates, sports teams, schools and non-profits, we have helped fundraise, support, cheer on, pump up and inspire tens of thousands of athletes, aspiring athletes, weekend warriors and families/friends of athletes to perform at their best.

In 2015 after several years of working with a number of non-profits and fundraising events, CEO Josh Jones launched the JBNProject - The Just Be Nice Project. Encouraging organisations to make it easy to Just Be Nice. At Odin we contribute by donating on behalf of the vast majority of our apparel sales, one-for-one, to organisations that distribute apparel to Australians in need. Community and support and Just Being Nice is at the very core of our whole business and the reason for what we do, we encourage all of our clients to get on board, and we facilitate it through innovative, economical and practial means, allowing full participation in the JBNProject for our clients without costing them a cent. 
We believe in always giving more, doing more and being nice. With entire ranges developed and manufactured right here in Australia, we are passionate about Australian made, and looking after those in need. More options and start to finish service from branding to apparel innovation for your organisation. We will help you look the part, to help you act the part.

We have Changed the Game and turned Activewear into Pro-activewear. Get yours online now, or contact us to kit out your organisation or event today.