Leavers Apparel

In support of the Just Be Nice Project - We are offering the class of 2018 a chance to 'Leave a Legacy'.

For every custom, 'Class of 2018' leaver top purchased through Odin Sports, we will donate one-for-one to disadvantaged Australians.


We have classic hoodie options, rugby jerseys, crew neck jumpers, collegiate jackets, polos and tees available.

Get the whole year involved, we can facilitate design brief help if your Class of '18 would like to participate in the design, or we can provide design services.

The Just Be Nice Project are able to facilitate further socially responsible projects around the generosity of the school, teaching children, teachers and administrators about how to 'Just Be Nice' and look after themselves, each other and the community.



Get in touch below to speak to someone about our leaver top options and how we can help your school support your community in 2018!


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